Herbal Remedies (Herb of the Day)

We are celebrating of our new partnership with Mohari Wellness at our new location (9 Grand Avenue,  Oakland, CA).  In the spirit of individual and community wellness and empowerment, we are launching our educational herb of the day campaign to share powerful and proven herbal remedies with our community and beyond.   This basic knowledge of functional herbs can be used by all.

Those looking for medicinal remedies without side effects, like those of western prescriptions, these natural herbs that promote health and decrease illness may be what you are looking for. We are proud to serve the Oakland community and share this well researched ancient wisdom with all of you. We hope you enjoy the herb of the day series- we will post a new herb to our websites: Instagram (OaklandWellness) , Facebook and Twitter each weekday until we are fully settled in our new space. Important- Herbs are powerful and should ALWAYS be taken as prescribed by a licensed health practitioner.


Thistle Daisy

Breadseed Poppy

Balloon Flower

Ce Bi Ye (Chinese Arb…)