MOHARI Work Shops

SOUND TEMPLE      First Sundays from 11AM-2PM at Mohari Wellness. 9 Grand Avenue.

Sound healing with Jeffrey Alphonsus Mooney has been performing and teaching in the Bay Area
for over 25 years. He was one of the winners of an IZZIE award for the
soundtrack for Sean Dorsey’s “The Missing Generation” this year and has
made numerous compositions for Bay area artist as well as performing his
own work. He has been teaching a ritualistic approach to music, rhythm,
and voice to bring people together and recover our natural creative spirit.

Sunday Sound Temple.                                                                                                                        Come on a super sonic voyage where deep listening and lush,rich sounds will
relax, elevate and energize you. We will use a range of musical flavors
from the low hum of Tibetan bowls, didgeridoo, and trance drumming to live
looping of kalimba, flute and voice. We will create soundscapes together
with our voices. Levitation may occur.

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